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All visitors require visas. Ugandan visas are available at all major land borders and the international airport at Entebbe.

Visa extensions

Extensions are available at the immigration office Jinja Road east of central Kampala.

Visas for onward travel

Visas for the following neighbouring countries are available from embassies in Kampala: BurundiEthiopiaKenyaRwanda and Tanzania

The Ugandan Shilling (UGX) denominated with /= sign is a relatively stable currency. Cash can be changed easily at major banks and foreign exchange (forex) bureaus. The forex bureaus offer slightly better exchange rates than the banks. At both banks and forex bureaus‚ small US dollar bills attract a much lower exchange rate than do US$50 and US$100 notes‚ and the rate for travellers cheques is about 2% lower than they are for cash. Exchange rates in Kampala are up to 15% better than is the case elsewhere in the country‚ so stock up on shillings in the capital.

Visitors are advised although it is not mandatory except in some instance Far East Central America South Central and West Africa to have yellow fever and cholera certificates. It is advisable to check current health requirements with your international airline. It is also recommended that you take a course of anti-malaria before your arrival in Uganda. Kenya has excellent hospitals and doctors in addition to a Flying Doctors Service that will fly you promptly to the nearest hospital should you fall ill on safari not included in the Package an additional extra. All major towns have pharmacists but it is advisable for prescribed drugs that you will bring along an ample supply to cover the duration of your stay in Uganda.

Time Difference
In Uganda‚ Kenya and Tanzania: GMT 3 hours

Credit cards
Uganda is a cash country and the credit card is still a fairly new concept. Some hotels accept major credit cards such as: VISA American Express and MasterCard.

Uganda boasts of temperate climate even though a bulky of its area is in the tropics with varying temperatures of 16 - 26°C (April - November)‚ and over 30°C during warm seasons (December - March)

Cotton and linen dresses light slacks and short sleeved shirts are essential with pullovers for chilly nights at high altitude. Some hotels will require smart attire for dining in the evenings.

English is spoken and understood just about all over Uganda

Most hotels have both telephone landlines and cellular phones. Internet is also available at most hotels in the city.

Safari Hints
Travel with as little luggage as possible
Dress for comfort
Hotels / Lodges provide 24 hour laundry service.
Always pack plenty of film/ memory. Sunglasses suntan lotion hats and swimming costume.
Protect camera and film from dust with a plastic bag. Carry spare film and batteries.